Inner Message

Inner Message leaves an imprint on your finger.


Material: Sterling silver (silver925)

                  14k gold


*Available at Online Store

Inner Message Packages

New Packages for Inner Message rings.


Material: acrylic + magnets



*All Inner Message rings ordered online are shipped in one of these packages.


Unexpected Cup

"Happiness is everywhere. It's just hidden very well."


The hidden part of the cup holder at the bottom grabs the cup which is simply enjoyable!



Material: Ceramic, Maple



*Available at Online Store

Light For Light

Has light ever been lit?


Material: Sterling silver (silver925)

                  14k gold



Falling Flower

If you happen to break the dish you’ll find a flower silicon piece that you can use as a pot stand.

"Bad luck is always with good luck."


Material: Ceramic + Silicon


Finger print

Lighting made of same shaped 72 glass bars.



Material: Glass bars + Metal cylinder

For The Moment

Standless martini glass.


Material: Glass + Crystal


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